Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My girls and I return to the blogosphere

Well wasn't I surprised to realize I haven't posted since September, and its now DECEMBER!!! So much for keeping a blog to track our memories! In my defense, at the beginning of September, I was offered the chance to create an online art appreciation course for college freshman, and well, guess what I've been doing in my free time? Not blogging, because blogging doesn't really pay. The class is complete, the check is in the mail, and I'm ready to get back to writing about something that is important.

I guess this post is about catching up with the good things that have occurred over the past months (because unfortunately a lot of bad things happened too that also kept me from writing).

Miss Nora Grace is thriving in school. She loves Miss Iris, her lessons, and her classmates. She has made very good friends with Keiyona (her little friend from an earlier post), Makiera, Illiana, and Hailey. She loves math, and can count to some unheard of number like 2500. (How many 4 year olds come to the realization that numbers never end?) She sings, she dances, she reads some words although, like her dad, she has a hard time with phonics. Its easier for her to memorize words. Needless to say, she loves school and is the teacher's pet.

Miss Emily Dianne is adjusting to life at home with mom. We sorta have a routine, but she still isn't talking so I have a hard time trying to understand what she thinks and what she wants. I discovered Emily is my best friend when it comes to the outdoors. She is happy as can be in the yard and taking walks. Inside its harder, in part because she has tantrums to go out. But its December, and its just too cold to be out all day. She has discovered a love of puzzles, and we play with the wooden Thomas trains every day. She loves to derail them and yell, "OH NO! OH NO! OH NOOOO!!!!"

So that's a summary of October and November. I will post some Halloween pics and you all can probably fill in the details. We missed Thanksgiving because we were all sick. Some of the other changes around here are ongoing, and will be featured in the posts to come. So you can all look forward to hearing about Emily's speech therapy when it starts, our Christmas tree, and the biggest change of all--the death of the TV. Love and hugs to my three readers---its good to be back.

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