Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Sing Thing

It has been crazy around here the past few days. I've barely had a chance to breathe, let alone think! Daisy meetings, Christmas programs, birthday parties, colds. This combined with lots of snow and the regular hub-bub of the season has left us all breathless. The poor coffee pot has been in overdrive since last Thursday. After school, Nora had her second Daisy's meeting. After Daisy's, we had a delicious dinner at McDonald's followed by the McIndigestion. Ugh. I wish I could eat something other than Fillet o'Fish!

We then headed back to Nora's school for the fourth time in one day to watch Nora sing in her Christmas program. I asked her, "Is it a program? A pageant? A play?" She had no idea what it was called, so we began calling it the sing thing. It seemed appropriate; she has been singing Frosty the Snowman for a month now. The number of songs she learned amazed me. I was certain that she must have been practicing some of the older kid portions. (I was wrong; they are all just brilliant kids).

Rachel met us at the school. To say it was crowded is an understatement. I am surprised the fire commissioner himself didn't turn us out. We managed to get seats...little tiny seats designed for preschoolers...but that was actually part of the charm! It is fun to sit at those little tables too. Anyways, Emily started freaking out even before the program started, so Ryan and Emily ended up watching from the rear of the room. Rachel and I had great seats. The older children went first, bowling over the room with their cuteness. Even their stage fright was adorable.

Speaking of stage fright, Nora got a really bad case! I was shocked, as were the teachers, that the loudest singer didn't want to do the program. She kept running out of the room they were waiting in, looking for me. She wanted me to hold her hand the entire time! Luckily, Miss Iris gave her a pep talk and a hug that seemed to do the trick.

Her grade performed in the second half of the program. They sang Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, and Here Comes Santa Claus. Nora sang, although she looked slightly nervous. During Jingle Bells, she was chosen to jingle actual bells, and she seemed pleased. Sadly, her friend Illiana, who was standing next to her, did not get a bell and so she ran to her mom and cried during that portion of the show! I felt really bad for her, she was truly disappointed. During the Jingle Bell Rock Nora said something to the teacher, than ran off from the performance. Rachel and I exchanged glances---what the heck? I wove my way through about a hundred people and made it to the back. Nora emerged a minute later from the bathroom, breathlessly telling me, "I had to pee!!" She ran back up and finished the song. After that she really got into the performance, obviously feeling better. It never occurred to me that being nervous would make her need to go! Ah well, you live you learn. Merry Christmas everyone!

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