Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nora's First Trip to the Movies

Do you remember the first time you went to the movies? I remember my first two movies actually; the first time I went to the theater my mom and dad took me to see the Muppet Movie. That was released in 1979 (I think; that's what Dr. Who said), which would have made me two. I remember being in awe of the big screen, I also remember getting reprimanded to stay in my seat!

The second movie I saw was Cinderella. I must have been about 4, so I recall that experience more clearly. I held my Grandma Esther's hand as we walked on the sidewalk towards the theater and I kept asking her, "What is the movie called again?" Cinderella was such a long hard word. I remember sitting in the theater in disbelief as the evil stepsisters tore up Cinderella's dress. My little mind couldn't wrap itself around the concept that anyone could be so mean. I think I even cried. But then the fairy godmother came! And I loved the song, and the dress! Oh I knew Cinderella's name after that. When we got home I borrowed one of my mom's white heels and hid it around the living room, pretending that I was Cinderella. My ball gown was a lovely blanket tied around my waist. I was sold on Disney after that.

So you can imagine how excited I was to take Nora to see a brand new Disney Princess movie, the Princess and the Frog. I was definitely anticipating this more than she was, in part because she had partied too much at Grandma Geier's house the day before. She was excited though, because she got dressed up and wore some of Grandma's lipstick. We got to the theater and I splurged on a popcorn and Icee for Nora. She could barely hold her food and her blanket as we walked into the theater. She looked around in awe; it must have seemed really huge to her. We sat down and her little legs just dangled off of the edge of her chair. It was so cute.

The previews started, and Nora told me and her aunties to stop talking (those are the rules, after all). Then the movie started. I watched Nora as much as I watched the screen. (Spoiler alert!) She lit up when Tiana sang, she hid when the bad guy sang his voodoo song, she was just as surprised as I was when Tiana also got turned into a frog. Seriously, I didn't see that coming. And we cried when Ray the fire fly died, and we cried more when Tiana thought the Prince didn't love her, and finished crying over the happy ending. Oh my God, it was such a great movie. Disney at its best. It was beautiful to look at, the music was outstanding, and there were good jokes for the kids and grown-ups. I want to see it again.

When it was over, I asked Nora if she liked the movie. She said yes, but not much more than that. Maybe she was overwhelmed? I'm not sure. I couldn't stop humming "I'm Almost There". But this morning when I woke up, I heard Nora playing movie theater, so I'm thinking she liked the movie after all. I guess if I see her kissing Ryan's old toy frog I'll know for sure.

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