Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Killed our TV!!!

I know I have always been the odd-ball in my family (well, my husband is an odd-ball too, but we're a pair and we go together). We're the only Buddhists, the only vegetarians, the only ones who relish living in an old house with crooked walls because they have character. But this time, I am even surprised at how radical Ryan and I can be.

We killed our TV.

Most of you probably are probably sitting there going, huh?? Killed the TV? you can get a newer one! A bigger one! One of those fancy flat ones!


The TV is currently in the basement, and I don't have any plans of ever using it again. We put it down there a week ago for a number of reasons, most of which are outlined at this website:

Now, this blog is meant to be about the kids, so I won't go into the political and social stuff outlined in this link. Feel free to read it if you're interested in the reasons we chose to kill the boob tube, skip it if its not up your alley.

Ryan and I decided to say goodbye to the box during the kids nap last Sunday. While they were sleeping (a rare event in and of itself might I add), we took it out of the big cabinet and hid it in the basement. The DVD's went into the office with the computer. We felt we shouldn't take the movies and Blue's Clues DVD's away from the kids, but they would no longer function as my free babysitting service. Rather, the kids would do chores to earn show time.

When the kids woke up, they had a snack and we explained what happened. Nora thought it was a big joke, until I walked over to the cabinet, opened it, and displayed its empty contents. She did a double take, probably the first of her life, and demanded to know where the TV had gone. Emily, bless her heart, also did a double take. She does this little knee-bend thing when she wants a better look at something. Knee-bend, knee-bend, knee-bend! She turned around, cocked her head, and looked at us. "OH NO! OH NO! OH NO! Where did it go?" Ryan and I laughed till we cried with joy...Emily's first sentence!

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