Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Halloween in Photos...beter late than never!

I am happy to recall that Halloween this year was one of the most fun we've had in a while. Last year, Emily fell asleep and never made it to the trick-or-treat portion of the evening. This year, since Halloween was on Saturday, we got to go trick-or-treating twice! And it was even more fun because my mom (aka Nonnie), my dad (aka Poppa) and Grandma Esther joined us. In the afternoon Ryan and I dressed up, and took Nora to the businesses in downtown D-town for their annual candy give-a-way. After dinner, Ryan and I changed so we could chase Emily as we went around the block. Both trips resulted in a fair amount of chocolate goodies for everyone. That evening, Nora hung out with her best friend and boyfriend, Miles. The candy must have gone to their heads; they got in trouble for kissing on the lips later that evening. I know I should be upset but its kinda cute.

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