Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Momma's Blog is One Today!!!

Just a bit of self-reverential news...Momma Needs Another Cup of Coffee is one year old today!!! Whoo-hoo!

To celebrate the blog's first anniversary, look for changes in the coming days in the layout and design of the site. That's how it goes these days, right? New and improved.

I'm also publishing a copy for me, just in case Google goes bust. Turns out the printing service I chose can't put in pics from the links, so I'm in the process of editing some of the older posts by adding the photos into the story.

I have to say that overall I'm pretty happy with where this project has gone so far. This blog probably contains as much text as my master's thesis, but this is much more fun and way more interesting! People actually read this stuff. I am looking forward to seeing where its going to go in the future. Now that I have a new laptop (thank you Ryan) I will be able to write anywhere, and uploading pictures is a breeze.

I'm also happy to announce my friend Carolina has started a blog. She found part of her inspiration here at Momma. Some of you know Carolina, and I highly recommend following her at

Finally, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone out there reading this. I keep writing because of you.

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