Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clean up on aisle 77 years of stuff....


Not too much to report. The big clean-up at my grandparent's house began early in the morning. The girls got to watch more TV while my Grandma Esther and I began the process of going through what turned out to be 12 paper grocery bags of jewelry. This didn't surprise me, since we found 141 wigs and 148 handbags on our prior trip, as well as over one thousand almost new outfits. As my mom said, "Well, she did like to shop (shrug)". I have no idea what my uncles unearthed in the garage, but the mummified rat remains in the garbage can indicate I was probably not up to that task.

The girls were not on their best behavior. They were over tired, eating unfamiliar food in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people they didn't know who turned out to be relatives. This, coupled with too much TV, was bound to end in disaster. Ok, not disaster, but by the fourth day away from home I noticed Emily was beginning to lose language and resort to pointing and gestures. Her ability to process auditory input was also diminished.

In an effort to try to stimulate the kids, i.e. get them off their butts, we headed over to the mall. WORST IDEA EVER. Taking Emily from a small unfamiliar environment to a huge unfamiliar environment only created more problems. She wanted to run, of course she couldn't. She wanted to ride the merry-go-round and the train, but I didn't want to pay for those activities considering I was pushing her around in a rather expensive little red car device. She wanted to jump in the fountain...see the pattern? After visiting the Disney Store (and spending too much money on a costume/bribe for Nora), I spent the rest of our visit trying (and failing) to end a rather long meltdown. Oh well. Considering the entire point of driving to Florida was to clean up all the stuff my Grandma had purchased, the idea of adding to the problem was silly anyways.

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