Friday, June 18, 2010

Illinois Bound...soon but not soon enough!


The last two days spent in Florida were a blur. The amount of work completed, compared to the amount of work that still needs to be done, was depressing. I didn't even get to much cleaning, because the task of day to day with two girls is messy. And to say they were misbehaving is the understatement of the year. Eating=fights. Bedtime=major joke. Emily alone got up between 15 and 20 times from the time I laid her down at 8:30 to the time she passed out at 10:30. Ugh. Illinois, you are looking better every day!

Nora and I did hit the beach again, albeit quickly, on Wednesday. I felt bad about leaving Emily behind, but I really needed a break from keeping a constant eye on her. Nora is old enough to follow directions, and she and I both made friends on the beach. It was a nice late morning treat, to have another mom to talk with while enjoying the perfect weather.

I packed and packed as much as I could, but left so much behind. I inherited some awesome vintage dresses, and will post pics as I begin to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I have some winners and some losers, but the losers will be winners come Halloween!

As I began to pack up the van, Nora asked me if we were leaving. Yup. "NO!!" she cried. "I want to live here! I want to go to the beach everyday!!!" Oh sweetie. God knows I'd do almost anything for you, but moving to Florida is just not gonna happen. I promise though, that I will bring you back to the beach as soon as I can. With your dad. So I can have some help getting you to stay in bed.

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