Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A note for Nora on her 6th Birthday

Wow. Six years. Where did the time go? And yet its like it didn't go anywhere at all, because Nora is such a part of this family I can hardly remember what it is like to not have her with us. Nora was born three weeks after we moved into our house, so basically began our lives as adults with Nora's birth. There are times in life when you can look back and realize that a moment changed everything; one of those moments was when Dr. Cathy handed me a tiny, red, screaming little girl. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw.


Nora, you are without a doubt, the most beautiful and intelligent six year old I've ever met. Our house is a home because you are with us. Your dad and I didn't really become a family until the day you were born. As you've grown, we've grown into strong and loving family. And we will continue to grow, and you especially will thrive, may even more than the average child. I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say that you will have the smarts and the drive to do whatever you want to do with your life. Your interests are so varied, I think if you have any trouble at all it will be simply choosing a few things to focus on...after all, you're already a fantastic artist/super model/scientist/mathematician/author/comedienne. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, there's so much for you to still discover!

I think the best part about seeing you go from a baby to a six year old girl has been watching your personality grow. You are so funny! And you never ever ever stop talking. Ever! Ah, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. You are such a girlie girl too, and I revel in watching you dress in head to toe pink and purple, in watching you dance around in tiaras and gowns, and how much enjoyment you get from fairy tales where everyone lives happily ever after. Just yesterday I was listening to you sing the love songs from Beauty and the Beast. And you weren't just singing, you were so there in that poor provincial town. You had no idea that anyone else was around! I have to apologize though, sweetie, I think you got my singing voice, so a record deal may not be in the future.

I am so excited, and quite honestly, honored to spend this time of your life with you. Six is so much fun! The little girl in you is ready to shine, and I will help you do that to the best of my ability. Now is the time of your life where you can hang out with me and its still cool; and I want to do arts and crafts and tea parties and dress-up. I like helping out with your homework, and this is the year we will be able to start reading chapter books together. There are so many new worlds to discover and literary friends to meet...Laura Ingalls, Ramona Quimby, and of course we will continue to follow Jack and Annie in their adventures through time.

Happy Birthday Nora! I love you so much. Thank you for letting me be your Momma.

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