Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cousins Come to Visit

While this post is incredibly late, I still wanted to get these pictures out there because they're so darn cute!

My sister came to visit shortly after we returned from Florida. It was a nice opportunity for Renee and I to catch up and talk about life after Grandma and Grandpa, but more importantly, the cousins got to have a long overdue play-date. Nora was sooo excited to have someone to dress up with, and Emily even joined in the fun. For Emily to put on clothes, rather than take them off, is noteworthy in and of itself! My nephew Xander was also very well behaved, and we all sat on the floor and played with blocks. It made me very happy to see how well all of the kids got along. That's what the summer is about. Well that and Ollie's!!!

The best part of the day (besides the girls finding out that the TV was back) was taking my niece Layla for her first ever Ollie's Custard Cone. See, where I live, Ollie's is a right of passage. You can't actually live in this town and not be crazy about this custard. I've been to Italy several times and I can tell you Ollie's is just as delicious as any gelato I've had, and believe me, I've had a lot. To share it with someone that's never had Ollie's is special indeed. I hope you enjoyed it Layla! I know my Raspberry Truffle was delicious.

I think in this instance, the pictures actually do a better job of telling the story than I can, so please check out the link below.

Cousins go to Ollies

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