Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break Blues

Nora's Spring break...a week to be outside! Sleeping in, going for walks, and working in the yard! It's what Nora and I do...or rather, its what Nora and I planned to do.

The week before her break, the weather was pure bliss. The snow piles that had been on the ground since the first week of December didn't have a chance against the 50 and 60 degree temps. The crocuses popped their sunny heads out of the ground, and Nora and I got to work. Hooray! Finally, the three veggie beds I laid out last year would finally be put to good use.

After digging in some compost and manure, Nora and I got out there, seeds in hand. I took a broom handle and carefully pressed it into the ground in order to make nice, straight rows just like my Organic Gardening book instructed. We planted peas, carrot, parsnip, and spinach seeds with mathematical precision. I also planted 60 onion sets in perfectly straight, rather lovely rows. Oh the excitement! According to the package, all these things can tolerate light frosts. Why, in 50 short days, we're gonna have a feast! Or so we thought.

It snowed 2 inches the first day of Nora's break. We sat, staring out the window, as the snow covered the ground, the swing set, the frozen pond. The temps got out of the freezing range during the week, but not the wind chills! It was hard most days to take a quick walk without our hands and ears going numb. But the worst part was waiting for those seeds to sprout. Everyday we went out there to a whole lotta nothing. Nora kept saying, "Mom, it takes time. It's ok," when my excited smile turned to a frown. Who's the adult and who's the impatient kid?

Her break is over, and so of course it has warmed up once again. Unfortunately I've given up on our seeds sprouting. I'm not quite sure, but the footprints in the garden seem to indicate that perhaps the squirrel has done something with the seeds, and half the onions too. I'm also pretty sure that Nora and I planted the carrots and parsnips too deep, and its too dry, and well, I suppose we just won't have those things this year.

I'm not too disappointed with our gardening failure, however, because its a learning process. And, in addition to planting all that stuff outside, Nora and I decided to take advantage of the cold and start some seeds inside as well. Those are doing awesome! We have an entire tray of flowers that will be ready for outside in eight short weeks. Every morning I drink my coffee and Nora has her breakfast next to the little flats, and she tells the seedlings how adorable they are, and how she is so proud of them. I know of no other plants that get a daily pep talk. But I'd recommend it if your plants are a little wilty, she seems to be on to something!

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