Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brownie Troop 64 is off and running...

And I do mean running. I am still out of breath!

But let me begin at the beginning. After the excitement of becoming the new leader for the Brownie Scouts in our troop, it began to dawn on me that I really didn't know what I was doing. I asked Nora repeatedly for information about her other meetings, and determined they knew the Girl Scout Promise, bringing the snack was a big honor, and that everyone liked to do crafts. As someone that hasn't quite grown out of crafting, or snacking for that matter, I could appreciate what these girls needed. That information, along with some helpful tips found online from other Brownie leaders, helped me plan out our first agenda. And yes, I did type up an agenda just like I was back in college leading the art history student organization.

I made a cute poster with the GS Promise, the GS Law, and the GS Motto. The Motto, Be Prepared, was the theme of the meeting. We talked about what it meant to be prepared if it was rainy, sunny, or if someone got hurt. We played a band-aid relay race game that didn't really work, considering it is hard to have a relay race in a room that is only 12 long and full of tables! We made friendship bracelets, most of which have probably fallen apart at this time due to my inability to tie durable knots with an audience watching. Despite the fact that some of these activites did necessarily work out as I'd hoped, I think we all had a good time.

The thing that stuck me most about these girls is how excited they are! They were just bursting with enthusiasm. I asked a question, and I had nine hands waving in the air, "Pick me! Pick me!" They all seemed to warm up to me very quickly, more so than to Mr. Ryan, who was in the room trying to keep Emily from totally destroying the place. Overall I think it was a success. At the end we formed a friendship ring, holding hands and passing a squeeze from girl to girl. They liked that, and seemed happy that we would be meeting again in two weeks.

To see photos from our first meeting, click this link:

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