Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I've started falling behind in my sorry! Here is my attempt to get caught up. One of the reasons I'm falling behind is because I have begun the Daunting task of organizing our digital photos from the last 10 years or so. Yikes! While this isn't the most fun I've ever had, it will give me the opportunity to get a lot more photos available to you on the web. we go.

Christmas Part III: Yes! There was more to Christmas. We spent the 26th with Ryan's mom and step-dad. There were more presents, more family visits, more super delicious food. The girls made out like bandits, receiving everything from cute new clothes to Princess books to pony toys. We had a wonderful time together, visiting with aunts Erin, Jessie, and Stephanie. The snow kept coming down, and we ended up spending the night. Good thing; we got 10 inches of snow at home (on top of the ice). We would have gotten stuck in a snow bank for sure.

New Year's Eve and Day: The family didn't do much for New Year's. After the excitement of the birthday and holidays, we decided to take it easy. It was a pleasant change.

Trip to DuPage County Children's Museum Part I: We wanted to spend Ryan's last day of vacation together as a family, so we packed up and drove the 45 minutes to the museum. I said, "Oh there it is!" as we came up to the entrance. At that moment Emily proceeded to projectile vomit her entire breakfast. Trip canceled. Drive home with the windows up due to -30 wind chills was a bit long. Yet Ryan and I kept giggling, because crying was out of the question.

Nora's Back in School: Christmas vacation is over, Nora is back in school. She is up to her 2000 paper.

And now we are sorta caught up. Phew. Time to be less busy. At least that's the plan. Let's see if it works out that way.

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