Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ode to Bunny

Several weeks ago, I came to conclusion that Emily's little pink bunny blankie was gone. Bunny has been an integral part of Em's bedtime routine for over a year now, and the realization that we would never see it again was surprisingly sad for me. Bunny was there for her first tooth, Bunny always rode in the car for long trips, and no one could make a boo-boo feel better than Bunny. She loved it like it was part of the family. But I figured these things happen. Binkies and blankies get lost, get ruined, or kids simply grow up and toss their babyish things. Besides, nothing lasts forever. And to be honest, Emily's world didn't come to an end, although she hasn't been sleeping as soundly as normal. The noise of the coffee maker now wakes her up. Of course this does not stop Ryan from brewing my morning coffee...

Ryan and I decided not to speak of Bunny's disappearance with the children, in the hopes that it would eventually be forgotten. While the situation provided a good lesson on impermanence, Emily's language skills bar us from having any kind of meaningful conversation. Best leave Buddhist philosophy for another day and just let them be kids. It is not the last time they will lose something, and we will do our best to help them when that time comes.

You can imagine my surprise when I decided to look through some hand wash laundry items, and I found Bunny stuffed into Emily's birthday dress! I shook it to listen to the rattle; same old same old...Bunny, you're not gone! I have never been so happy to see a ratty, chewed up piece of pink fabric. Thank goodness we didn't have the big deep talk, because Bunny is back! I immediately put Bunny in the wash. It was finished just around the time Emily was ready to lay down for her afternoon rest. I hid Bunny under my shirt and put Emily to bed. Then, with a little help from Nora (who was absolutely dying to see what I was hiding) I pulled a rabbit out of my hat. The look of recognition was instant, followed by a smile, a grab for her pink buddy, and then she proceeded to start chewing on Bunny's ears. Oh Bunny, its so good to have you back!

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