Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Diaper Bandit Strikes Again

Someone keeps stealing Emily's diapers. We put her in a diaper and lay her down for a nap or for bedtime, and she wakes up naked. The bandit tends to hide the diaper under the bed or in the sink of Emily's play kitchen. The first time this happened it was funny, because the sheets were dry. Then she would hid her head under the pillow, thinking she couldn't see us, and her naked butt was hanging out, making for a rather comical scene. Other times, Emily has been found in her room running around in circles yelling "Whee!!!! Whee!!!! Woo...Wheeeee!!!" because running around in circles is more fun when there's a breeze. Unfortunately for Mom and Dad, the funny factor has run out, yet the diaper bandit continues to strike.

It seems like a perfect opportunity to start teaching the lessons of potty training. We have a book that "flushes", and the training potty has been sitting out for months. Everyday I take Emily into the bathroom with me, point to the toilet and explain that's where the pee pees and poo poos go. She just stares, and then proceeds to put her foot in the training potty. I am simply not getting across to this kid. She won't wear dirty diapers, so she has an understanding that dirty diapers are yucky, yet she is not ready yet to pursue an alternative path. Honestly, I don't know what to do. So we've resorted to keeping her in a onesie at all times because she has a hard time unsnapping the buttons and disposing of the diaper. Plan B: Operation Onesie has been working for a few months now. But now her nimble fingers have figured out the snaps...

Ryan took a vacation day on Friday to watch the girls while I went to Navy Pier with my Grandma Esther. I had a great day of Italian coffee, food, and wine. He did not. A big part of his problem was Emily not keeping her clothes or diaper on. He put her to bed at the normal time, she fell asleep, then he and Nora played outside. Apparently Emily woke up, and finding no one to stop her, pushed a container next to her play kitchen to fashion a very effective stair system. She climbed up into the kitchen, and then stepped into the top drawer of her dresser drawers (which thank goodness isn't too high). Ryan is not sure at which point she dumped the diaper into the sink, but she managed to get completely naked. I imagine she did a little Emily jig once she realized success. However, at some point she couldn't get down, and got completely scared. She screamed and Ryan ran to the rescue. She had peed inside of the dresser drawer (obviously she was really scared). Ryan was furious, and I will probably not have the opportunity to go to Chicago anytime soon. But, I said, at least she had thrown all her clean clothes on the floor before the accident. There's always a silver lining.

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