Sunday, February 21, 2010

Super Trooper Nora

In an unexpected turn of events, I have found myself promoted from mom of a Girl Scout Daisy to new Brownie Troop Leader for our local Montessori School. Wow! What a change. I really hoped that I could start working less so I could be more involved with the girls, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I think the best part about everything is the fact that it's the result of the runaway success of the troop. It seems like there are new members added every few weeks. The tipping point for Candice, the Daisy leader, must have happened somewhere around 18 or 19 girls. I got to talking to her about what would be best for everyone, and the idea to split up the girls into two groups was formed. After all, the needs of the 3 year old unofficial members are very different from the 8 year old Brownies. We both wanted to see them doing activities that really promote what the Girl Scouts stand for, namely service to others and a self-reliant attitude. Plus, splitting up the girls will allow for a little more individual attention. Currently, there are so many girls and so few adults; once they have their snack they're too hyped up and organization is out the window. Hopefully having two groups of nine will help bring a little order back to the meetings as well.

Of course I talk about bringing organization and instilling a sense of service to others...the real test will come on Thursday. That will be my first meeting as leader. It will be me, hopefully Ryan, nine girls, and Emily. It sounds a little daunting, but I think I can do it. The other teachers, the professionals, are on the other side of the door if things get out of hand. And even if I totally flop, I know I have at least one fan in my troop. Nora is totally thrilled that I'm the new leader. She has said, "Mom, I'm your trooper!!" more than once. I told her, "Yes sweetie, you're my super trooper." She thought that was funny; I don't think she realized I was being completely serious. I'll be counting on her sunny attitude and excitement more than she can know!

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