Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nora's First Day of School 2009

How we made it to school on time is anybody's guess. The fact that Nora arrived looking stylish is simply a miracle. I'm glad to see that my girls have inherited their mom's ability to fly by the seat of their pants.

Nora started her second year enrolled at a local Montessori Academy. The first day of class was the day after Labor Day, several weeks following the start of the local public schools. One would think we would have had time to spare prior to the start of the semester. Except of course Ryan and I decided to celebrate his 30th birthday on Mackinac Island, and we got stuck in horrible traffic on the way back and had to drive the girls back to D-town 2 hours before Nora's school started. Oops.

We loaded the girls in the van at 6am, got them some McDonald's hash browns and Cherry juice for the road, and got Nora home and in her new Princess outfit with the polkadot pants. We combed her hair, and within five minutes you couldn't tell she'd been up for hours. She laughed and told me to hurry up; we were late. Without unpacking the van or even changing my clothes (I was in the same outfit from the day before), we headed to "my new school". She was very excited.

"My new school" is the name Nora has for the Montessori. Last year, the school was located in the local church a few blocks from home. They have since expanded, having moved to a new location the next town over. The classrooms are just beautiful; shiny new furniture and a lot of great graphics on the walls. Its the "new" school because of the new building and Steve the Bunny, but many aspects from the "old" school remain including the teachers (she has Miss Iris), the books, the toys, and the big potted tree. School has also changed in a big way for Miss Nora; she now attends five days a week.

She enjoyed the first day. I'm not surprised, considering how excited she was after the meet and greet. Any and all fears about "my new school" had been extinguished. She met her new classmates and (shocking) even ate lunch. She was a little surprised to find out she had to go back the next day, but hopefully her enthusiasm will last through the month.

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